Breaking News: Truck Drivers cementing their important roles in the trucking industry as entrepreneurs.
Trans-Contractors Group
Providing truckers that are unemployed, part-time, veteran or with qualifying disabilities a path to success in trucking.

Our diverse way of providing the transportation community with an industry specific professional facilitates our commitment to driver evolution. Our services offer trucking businesses the flexibility to streamline staffing budgets and operational expenses during the peaks and downs of their demands to ensure growth. Additionally, our Trans-Contractors provide an innovative solution to the ELD management process.  Our driver supporting technology adapts when changes are needed in HOS compliance, time management and load requirements. Thereby driving logistic accuracy and trucking company’s expansion or growth expectations to new heights. We can provide these professional Trans-Contractors to all kinds of trucking organizations all over the country. 

We isolate the industry into multiple commercial driving markets like dry van, flatbeds, tankers, containers, reefers, dump bodies, car haulers, boat haulers and livestock haulers we improve individual driver expertise and knowledge base in these markets while offering an efficient driver solution platform. That’s a full range of services that each Trans Contractor can provide to every trucking company every day. These leadership principles are followed by every commercial driver that becomes a Trans Contractor. Accountability, Safety, Commitment, Expertise and Entrepreneurship are the core values of the Trans Contractors Group and is at the heart of every Trans-Contractor.

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