Breaking News: Truck Drivers cementing their important roles in the trucking industry as entrepreneurs.
Trans-Contractors Group
Providing truckers that are unemployed, part-time, veteran or with qualifying disabilities a path to success in trucking.

At Trans Contractors Group we are there at every stage of the driver development process, as well as their continued career cycle after completion.  Before any certified Trans Contractor can begin their entrepreneurial journey of success they must complete a two week on the job practicum.  This provides them a perfect stepping stone to this more prominent role and career path as a Trans- Contractor.  Together with our collaborators every newly installed Trans-Contractor will receive this additional on the job training to strengthen their career diplomacy and functionality in trucking, business and life.  We develop expert driver principal entrepreneurs in an industry where public perception and disapproval is in its record highs. We also provide continuous training and coaching when industry career transition may become necessary or available in life to increase or maintain sustainability.

In this rapidly changing world of commercial transportation there’s a lot happening.  Yet the transportation industry is constantly being challenged with a talent shortage and an aging driver population.  We recognized that the industry needs a national initiative to educate, equip and mobilize drivers in new ways.  That’s why we utilize our technology to improve the outdated models of today to ensure innovation, efficiency, diversity and inclusion within the industry.  We are aware of the key role we will play in making a difference in the lives of Millions of commercial drivers while maintaining a high-quality service platform for the trucking industry and our society

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