As a Truck Driver what does freedom and success look like?

You deserve freedom and success. That sense of freedom truckers once obtained after 20 years of loyalty to a company. The rewards one would yield through respect, pensions and guaranteed salary with a commitment to serving decades with a company.

Today’s trucking environment however is much different. Now, freedom and success is more often obtained by entrepreneurs and innovators who want to reclaim their personal time and be directly responsible for their own professional success. To have more control over their time commitments and schedule – the most precious gifts we have.


If you are willing to invest in yourself you can absolutely become a professional within the trucking industry. A career that affords you the opportunity to personally manage the use of your time, while being well compensated for your efforts. Giving you control over where you go and what you earn. To make a wise personal and business decision for ourselves, so we no longer have to, as The Dali Lama said, “sacrifice our health to make wealth and sacrifice our wealth to get back our health”.

Here at the Trans-Contractors Group we believe in giving you the tools you need to polish your talents and feed your entrepreneurial spirit, so you can maintain a rewarding career that doesn’t force you to sacrifice a significant amount of your precious time.


Drivers We’re Seeking, Include Those Who:

  • Currently have an active CDL of any class
  • Have a disability that is unclassifiable, resulting in substantial barriers to trucking industry job performance
  • Have qualifying prosthetic limbs
  • Were found guilty of a non-commercial vehicle felony
  • Are time restricted active or inactive military service personnel
  • Require special education in order to drive
  • Posses an entrepreneurial spirit and desire
  • Haven’t worked in transportation for 3 or more years and are seeking reemployment
  • Are seeking a license upgrade or additional endorsements

One of the most unique aspects of T-CG is our ability to employ differentiated instructional methods best suited for the drivers learning needs. Our services allow commercial driver education students to experience and adopt the skills necessary to successfully operate in today’s industry by identifying their strengths & providing instruction geared towards each person’s individual skill set and progression rate.

Drivers who utilize our program will continue to have access to guides and training walking them through the steps necessary to obtain new certifications that propel them towards self-sufficiency, productivity and success in the trucking industry.

We aid the unemployed, underemployed, homeless, veterans and qualified offenders with an opportunity to gain and maintain a career path of success and stability.

Driver Safety and Performance elevated

Our curriculum provides commercial drivers with the opportunity to be trained in new areas that counters less than normal behavioral patterns while benefiting from a new certification and classification that identifies them as true professionals within trucking.

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