Great reasons to partner with T-CG
Would you like to provide elite transportation professionals?

There are a variety of great reasons to partner with T-CG. And the most important reason is to locate high caliber transportation professionals for your clients.

Not all truck driver recruiting agencies or recruiters operate in the same manner. While they have a common goal of scouting out individuals with the knowledge and skill that their clients need of their truck drivers, many aren’t willing to put in the dedicated amount of time required to yield prime candidates.

Inefficient agencies will focus only on numbers. They obtain driver resumes in bulk, despite the drivers’ experience or current work situation not coming anywhere close to fitting a client’s needs. Clients are duped into believing the agency has access to pre-screened, active, qualified candidates that are skilled, licensed and in search of employment.

If these statements hit home or strike a chord with you, it’s the perfect time to strengthen your recruiting processes. And note, that recruiting for the trucking industry is very different from recruiting within other industries. In particular, there are some things that trucking companies will consider prior to utilizing your services including your background, experience, knowledge of the appropriate use of industry lingo, access to resources for strengthening your driver pool and your overall philosophy on providing numbers of drivers vs. quality drivers.

So how do you BECOME that the truck driver recruiting agency with the best reputation? Take action! Take risks to improve your operations and be willing to adapt your recruiting tactics.

And the good news, is that unscrupulous or naive agencies will dwindle as they’re replaced by recruiters who take the time to partner with organizations that can help them provide their clients with the real, skilled, licensed drivers they so badly need.

A truck driver recruiting agency needs to have highly efficient resources that can assist them in locating the best drivers. This is where we come in. T-CG partners with recruiting organizations, so they’ll have access to the test performance, skill level, job experience and certification level of all trucking candidates.

At T-CG we make accessing those serious, important details easy. Our program aids recruiters and agencies with successfully matching the right drivers with the right job.

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