The Initiative Of Four Pillars

Our four pillars is a combination within a collaborative effort to retrain and educate commercial drivers and carriers on the positive impacts of a criterion of exceptionalism in the commercial transportation industry.

The Trans- Contractor Initiative is that collaboration of experts, professionals, and analyst joining forces to produce the first fully functional commercial license self-contracted driver.

This initiative is designed to counteract 7 of the top 10 deleterious issues affecting the commercial transportation industry today. You have chosen to become a supporter of an initiative built on the belief that the answer to driver shortage lies in the ability of a group of 105k specially trained truck drivers. Thank you!

Our four pillars working to create structure

If you have, if you are or if you plan to work in trucking.

This message is for you.

This message is for those who believed, or currently believe that their opportunity for financial security is seeded in trucking. We offer an opportunity to revive that security or strengthen that security. It is said that nothing moves without a truck. We believe that no successful delivery happens without a truck driver. Our non-profit goal is to create an industry centered on truck driver self-sustainability. We believe that Truck Drivers, Trucking Companies, CDL Institutions and Recruiters are the pillars that lead to truck driver efficiency and financial security.

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