Breaking News: Truck Drivers cementing their important roles in the trucking industry as entrepreneurs.
Trans-Contractors Group
Providing truckers that are unemployed, part-time, veteran or with qualifying disabilities a path to success in trucking.

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The top ten list is developed through a formula that assigns value to respondents ranking of the issues facing the industry. Values are also assigned to respondents ranking for strategies identified to potentially address each issue.

Issues scores are then averaged across respondents and ranked to quantify the relative importance of the issues. Issues that the Trans-Contractors Group (initiative) reduces or eliminates

  1. Hours of service – By reducing trucking company influence on mileage expectations with a free flowing accountable commercial driver’s pool. Trans-Contractors will decrease the amount of hours utilized while maintaining a productive transportation platform for all parties involved.
  2. Driver shortage – By implementing Trans-Contractors, an entrepreneur driving pool of professional licensees designed to assist commercial transportation organizations, while improving efficiency.
  3. CSA ( Carrier Safety Administration)-/ By training Trans-Contractors in the latest CSA compliance standards and reporting all unsafe practices by commercial vehicle owners in an effort to decrease unsafe practices.
  4. Congestion – Implementing Trans-Contractors into the industry we will reduce freight retention, delays and rescheduling as the responsive and accountable driver shortage counter measure, thus reducing congestion of expedited freight in the commercial transportation industry.
  5. Economy – With the implementation of Trans-Contractors into the industry with the earning potential of $70,000 or more annually. The economic boost for cities encouraging the Trans-Contractors initiative will be complemented by the projected media attention with economic fore shadowing.
  6. Truck size and weight-/ On average large trucking companies have between 4 to 6 trucks parked at all times due to driver shortage. This shortage forces many companies to invest in larger trailers or attempt to max out the capacity of existing trailers. Thus increasing the potential of accidents and delays. Trans-Contractors will be available to meet the needs of commercial transportation organizations that struggle with driver shortages. Assisting in the production of more companies with well maintained vehicle and stronger logistic capabilities.
  7. On Board Technology – Most trucking companies can’t afford the cost of driver monitoring devices that increases the overall cost of 1 truck from 60,000 to potential 170,000 investment. This cost essentially doubles the cost of the vehicle while increasing insurance rates. By working with a certified Trans-Contractor, companies can reduce excessive overhead and expenditures by an estimated 120,000 annually.

The above conclusion are only projected estimates of the implementation of Trans-Contractors into the commercial transportation industry.

Ronnie Jones


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