How would you like to produce the Truck Drivers of tomorrow today?

Trucking companies are moving over 10 billion tons of freight every year and that amount continues to rise. The industry needs all the drivers it can get. High quality drivers with specialized skill sets for navigating this evolving trucking terrain, will be necessary for companies to operate safely, efficiently and profitably.

There are currently 10 million CDL holders in the nation but only 3.4 million active in the industry. And more continue to retire every year. As the need for skilled drivers increases, so does the need for skilled industry trainers.

Trainers are responsible for producing our skilled truck drivers of tomorrow. Yet many current CDL training practices and processes are antiquated, incapable of providing the innovative and necessary education drivers need. Learning institutions not properly positioned to ride this wave, will find themselves swept out of the industry.

Enter T-CG. The Trans-Contractors Group is here to assist you.

We are utilizing a collaborative effort, forming partnerships with CDL educational institutions to bring new and displaced truckers back to the trucking industry.

Trans-Contractors Group provides your learning institution with innovative, real-time curriculum that evolves with perpetually changing FMCSA standard. Our multi-faceted curriculum equips you with the trucking industry resources you need to provide your students the best possible chance to obtain and maintain a rewarding and successful career for themselves in the commercial transportation industry.

Work together with us to train our transportation and logistics professionals of the future.

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