About Us

Trans-Contractors Group is the transportation industry’s first non-profit dedicated to commercial driver redevelopment. We’re confident that our innovative training program will reduce driver unemployment rates, improve driver shortages and reduce the high costs that many companies are currently faced with paying.

At T-CG we’re passionate about helping drivers, recruiters, trainers, and companies to create a symbiotic relationship where all parties benefit through education and partnership.

We want drivers to have a better life and career overall. One where they feel a sense of pride and freedom – where they can attain both personal and business success. Where drivers feel valued, respected and motivated.

We’re providing a new data-driven, systematic approach to measuring, identifying and improving the crucial and valuable human element from the foundation within the commercial trucking industry. We identify drivers’ strengths and preferred learning methods and can offer them individualized training plans to meet their needs. We equip them with practical knowledge and instruction in the technological developments that will assist them with their job duties. Our innovative program aids them in maintaining efficiency standards, progressing in their career on the road as well as their personal life. We aim to give drivers more of an opportunity to be successful while providing the industry with a pool of highly talented, cost-effective ambassadors of safety and drivers of excellence.


Our our mission is to provide innovative transportation solutions designed to advance the knowledge and performance of commercial drivers.

Vision Statement

We envision a community where every commercial driver feels respected, admired, appreciated, well rested, stable and successful.


To help commercial drivers improve their professionalism, knowledge and skill level for successful employment as contractors within the trucking industry.

Value Statement

  • We value the production of high quality drivers with the ability to work wisely, safely, and effectively.
  • We value being ethical and transparent to the public.
  • We understand and appreciate diversity in the workforce.
  • We respect and honor all of the supporters of projects which encourage personal and business growth through education and training as partners of the Trans-Contractors Group