Trans-Contractors is a driving force in the trucking industry’s quest to protect drivers’ rights, educate and redevelop former drivers, eliminate job shortages, improve industry efficiency and bring new drivers into a sustainable, growing career.

A Trans-Contractor is someone who has:

  • Completed basic entry level testing to acquire a legal commercial motor vehicle license
  • Obtained or pursued additional trucking industry knowledge, above and beyond what is necessary
  • A desire to further educate yourself about self-contracted driving services

Through our non-profit organization, we partner with you to help drive that self-education forward. As truck drivers need additional skill sets, we’ll bring you up to date on current industry standards, practices, policies and regulations, the latest in trucking technology developments and we’ll ensure you attain the appropriate certification.

We’ll aid you in attaining a stable career and financial success while helping you to meet your goals, gain freedom through entrepreneurship and operate as successful, safe, efficient, self-contracted ambassadors of trucking.

We meet these drivers halfway within that pursuit of gaining knowledge by providing them with a nonprofit approach to achieving career establishment, financial success and a certification within their chosen trucking industry. As the trucking industry becomes more technology aware.
It is the belief of the Trans-Contractors Group that truck drivers will need additional skill sets, knowledge and freedom to operate in unison with those growing technology demands in trucking. These self-operated driving entrepreneurs of safety and excellence are the new ambassadors of driver efficiency and the keys to the future of trucking.

They Are Trans-Contractors